Can I make a book with my own country's language and culture?

At the moment our books are only produced in English and are geared towards UK and US audiences. For example, our books feature pages that tell the story of the movies, songs and TV shows that were hits at the time (in the UK and the US) the recipient was born into.

We will be looking into creating books for more countries and in different languages in the future, but as you can imagine this takes time.

Unfortunately, we are also unable to include most characters outside of the English Latin-based alphabet, including emojis. This is due to the printing process rather than our software, so whilst it may show within the book builder please check with us if you are unsure. 

Special characters and symbols may not be printed on your final order as many of the machines at our printers cannot replicate special characters and symbols.

For now perhaps you’d like to join our mailing list which is found on our homepage. This way you’ll be kept up to date with any new books we create.

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