How do I upload images or photos to the editable pages?

You can personalise your book by including memorable or slightly embarrassing photos of the person you’re creating the book for. Simply click the edit sign on the newspaper page or the quotes page the click the image you want to change, and a window will appear on the screen which lets you select a file from your computer, a link, Facebook, Instagram or Google Drive.

If you find your photos are taking longer than expected to load please make sure you are uploading JPEG format.

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    Gail Lee

    you can only edit certain pages, and there is only 2 pages which allows you to upload photos, so it is not as personal as it seems

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    Hello Gail,

    Indeed we have two pages to which you can add photo. Your can add 1 photo to the Newspaper page, which is carried through to the Fridge page and the Stamp page.

    You can also add up to 9 photos to the Quotes page.

    The majority of the pages in can also be personalised by adding text, selecting artworks and backgrounds.

    If you have any further queries regarding this matter, you can send an email to

    Kind regards,



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