The date of birth in my book is wrong, what can I do?

1. You have created the book but you have not checked it out

If you have noticed that your book has the wrong date of birth inside, whether it be the with the general DOB or the 'Age shown in book,' and you have created your book but not checked it out you will unfortunately need to start again :(

Once the file has been digitally rendered after entering the date of birth and name of the recipient, the information and data within the book is embedded and cannot be changed. This affects multiple pages throughout the book, some which we can't budge once this book has been created.

2. My book has started printing but I have just noticed the date of birth is wrong

If your book has started printing and you've noticed that the book has started printing, please contact us as quickly as possible and we will do our best to sort this out for you.

Contact us via email on 

Or call us on: 

UK LINE: +44 1355 209642
US LINE: +1 (855) 218-8550

3. I have received my book and the date of birth is wrong

If you have received your book and noticed that the date of birth is wrong please contact us and we will sort this out for you.

We understadoffer a 50% discount code in this situation to be use by you on a replacement book, giving you it at cost price. ;)

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