How can I add an extra page?

All books have a fixed 50 pages inside and unfortunately we're not able to add suplimentary pages to the book.

However, if you're interested in adding a message or adding photos, there are pages within the book which allow you to pop these in.

You're able to add text to a number of pages, but if you'd like to add a personal message, pop that on the dedication page at the beginning of the book - get off to a flying start ;)

If you'd like to add photos to the book there are two pages which you're able to do this. The first page is the 'scoop' page or the newspaper page - this has a little frog with a party hat on and you can replace this little critter with a photo of your choice.

The other part you're able to add photos to is the quotes page towards the end of the book. There are 9 different coloured quotes you can replace with photos, so letting you share 9 different memories of the lucky giftee!

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