How do I know if my book is the UK or US version?

Before you start making your book, the first thing you need to look out for when selecting the version of your book is the URL or website that you're on. 

You should see in the search bar either for US books and for the UK edition of the book. Once you have reached the correct website corresponding with the version you want, make sure either the US flag or Union Jack is selected depending on which book you want. This is located in the top right hand side of our homepage (please see attached).

Once you have done these two very important things, you can then input your details and the recipients details and you'll create your beautiful book.

Once inside the book, it will be clear which version will have been selected as the facts will either reflect US-centric or UK-centric. One page that will help determine this is the 'receipt page' which will either be shown in US dollars or UK sterling (please see attached).


Follow all of these and your book should be ready to roll!

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