How and where can I upload photos?

You're able to add photos to two of the pages in the book. One is the newspaper (or the scoop) page, where by clicking on the picture of the frog in a party hat, you're able to replace it with a photo of your choice. This is then reproduced on various pages throughout the book, including the fridge page and the stamp page (have a scroll through and see!)


The other one is the quotes page towards the bottom of the book builder which works on the same idea as the newspaper page. Firstly, click on the pencil symbol underneath the page, then click on each quote from the box and you will be able to either drag and drop a photo from your computer or upload a picture your device. There are 9 different quote boxes which you're able to replace in this way.

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    Kate Peters

    It would be great to be able to upload photos to more pages rather than just 2.
    Is this is ever going to be possible please?

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    Donna Martin

    I agree.  I love the ideas in this book and wanted to create one for my sister's 50th birthday, but I wanted the option of taking away pages that I didn't care for that much and adding pages of photos, so I ended up not buying this book and creating my own instead.  I really think you guys should expand the options for people to be able to add photo page layouts and to take away some pages that they don't necessarily want.  I would buy one in a heartbeat.


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